How to get untraceable phones

Written by jennifer lott | 13/05/2017
How to get untraceable phones
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An untraceable phone is one that does not require information about the owner and therefore cannot be traced back to the person who originally purchased the handset. An untraceable phone is always a prepaid device. Due to the nature of prepaid phones, one does not have to divulge information regarding his or her address, real name, Social Security number or other personal information unlike post paid cell phones. Obtaining a cell phone that cannot be traced back to the person activating or purchasing the phone is simple.

Locate a store or retail outlet that sells prepaid wireless phones and prepaid cards with minutes that have a set expiration date. Some of the more popular prepaid brands are Net10, Boost Mobile and the AT&T Wireless based GoPhones.

Buy the phone best suited for your needs and the amount of minutes you need with cash. The simpler the phone, the less expensive it is. Also, getting a phone with no GPS capability is going to give the phone one more way to not be traced.

Activate the phone. When activating the phone either over the phone or online, do not give any personal information that can be traced back to you.

Use the minutes.

Throw the phone away.

Repeat if necessary. A new phone number is given to each new activation.


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