How to Get the Most Out of Reed Diffusers

Updated March 23, 2017

Reed diffusers are the perfect way to fill your room with aromatic scent. The process works by using reed sticks to pull liquid from the diffuser, saturating the reed and releasing the scent into the air. Reed is the only fibre that works effectively in diffusers, due to its porous nature. Diffusers are great for

use while travelling, and make tasteful decorative touches in offices and homes. There are several tips that will allow you to get the most out of your reed diffuser.

Choose a scent that matches the mood you're trying to create in the room, such as romantic, relaxed, uplifted or cheerful. Soak the reeds in the diffuser fragrance for 15 minutes after first opening the diffuser. Then turn the reeds upside down, exposing the soaked ends.

Shake or swirl the fragrance in the diffuser occasionally to remix the ingredients. Components of the fragrance liquid settle differently over time, causing it to diffuse more slowly.

Release more fragrance by turning the reeds upside-down, exposing the ends that have been soaking in the fragrance. The more often the reeds are turned, the more fragrance will be diffused. If the bottle is not empty but the fragrance doesn't seem to be diffusing, try adding new reeds. Once reeds become saturated, they lose their ability to pull up more scent.

Place fewer reeds in the diffuser to reduce the fragrance strength in small rooms. Likewise, use more reeds to increase the scent in larger rooms. A typical diffuser contains 10 to 20 reeds.

Set the diffuser in a safe place near a fan or unit where air is flowing. The scent is carried through the air and dispersed faster and more effectively.


Buy high-quality diffuser fragrance oils. Fragrance oils of lesser quality are often weak. The reeds should extend out of the bottle at least as high as the height of the diffuser bottle. Reed diffusers are a safe alternative to candles, since they are flame-free.


Diffuser oils are affected by environmental factors such as dehumidifiers, air conditioning and heating. Diffuser fragrance will evaporate more quickly in a hot or very warm room.

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