The best way to get rid of glue odour

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Laying new carpets and many other home projects require foul-smelling glues. These glue smells can quickly ruin the ambience of a room and may even keep you from enjoying the room at all. You can remove these glue smells with a few home remedies using supplies from your local supermarket.

Use the chopped onion method. Cut a whole onion in half. Put the onion in a bowl and add water to the bowl until the onion is completely submerged. Leave this bowl in the offending room overnight. The smells should be absorbed in the morning.

Use the baking soda method. Open a box of baking soda and sprinkle the contents on the floor in offending room. Apply baking soda to the underside of the carpet as well. Let the baking soda sit on the carpet for a few hours and vacuum it. This works very well to remove the glue smell from new carpet.

Use the charcoal method. Smash up a few pieces of charcoal into fine particles and place them in the bottom of a plastic bucket on top of a damp rag. Leave the bucket in the room overnight. The charcoal should absorb the odours. Replace the charcoal daily for maximum effect.

Add aromatic oils to the room. Using a reed diffuser, add the smell of scented oils to the room to remove any remaining traces of the offending smell. If you are trying to remove the glue smell from carpet, you can pour a few drops directly on the carpet.

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