How to Make Jawbone Louder

Updated March 23, 2017

A Jawbone is a Bluetooth-enabled earpiece used with mobile phones. The earpiece is small and has a slim, sleek design. The device has a feature called a Noise Assassin or Noise Shield that cancels background noise, which allows the other person to hear clearly. The Jawbone does not have visible buttons for volume control; these step-by-step instructions will help you increase or decrease the volume on your Jawbone.

Press the Noise Shield labelled "Jawbone" to raise the volume one level at a time.

Listen for two consecutive tones for each level that you raise the volume.

Press the Noise Shield when the Jawbone is at the maximum volume level and the volume will go to the lowest volume level.

Press the Noise Assassin button at the top of the device.

You will hear two consecutive tones for each level the volume is increased.

Press the Noise Assassin when at the maximum volume level and the Jawbone will go back to the lowest volume level.

Press and hold the "Talk" button at the top of the earpiece to increase and decrease the volume.

When you find a comfortable volume level, release the button and it will automatically set to that level.

The Jawbone ERA features an automatic volume control that increases when your surroundings are noisy and decreases when your surroundings are quiet. The ICON will stay at the set volume until you change it.


You can adjust the volume of all Jawbone devices only when you are on an active call or listening to audio. You can also use the volume on your mobile phone to adjust the volume.


Carefully monitor your volume increase to prevent Noise Induced Hearing Loss (NIHL).

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