How to Write a Thank You Letter to a Pastor

Updated July 20, 2017

It only takes a few minutes to write a thank you note to a clergyman who has touched your life in a special way, but he might treasure your note for years. Opt for a handwritten note instead of an e-mail or even a typed note. This shows that you put extra time and effort into composing and sending it. Keep the content of your note to the point and be specific and genuine.

Express your gratitude by writing a thank you note with opening comments such as "Thank you for the love and concern you showed with the recent passing of __", or "You made a very difficult time in our lives much more bearable". Quotes that reflect the situation or your feelings are ideal openers in a thank you note to a pastor.

Write specific comments regarding the event and the service he provided, such as "We appreciated the way you conducted the memorial service", or "Even though we just moved here, we appreciate the fact that you took time to know our family and support us in a time of need". Include details that made the day special. Highlight his contribution and the actions that made your family feel comfortable.

Finish the note with a phrase such as "We hope that you will be in our area for a long time to come", or "We are so thankful for your love and care".

Write a strong opening sentence of gratitude. For example, "We just wanted to let you know that we are so happy that we chose you to perform our wedding ceremony"; "Thank you for making a special day even more special in your own unique way"; or "Your presence at our wedding was deeply appreciated".

Make specific comments, such as "We were touched by the way you dignified our wedding", or "Your sense of humour was just right -- not too little, not too much". Highlight the most memorable moments from your wedding ceremony that can be directly attributed to the presence of the pastor.

Finish your letter with a closing phrase of gratitude, such as "As the years pass we hope that you can look back on our special day with fond memories too". If the photographer snapped a photo with an excellent view of the wedding party and the pastor during the service, include a copy with the thank you note.

Write a general thank you note in a conversational manner, just as if you were face to face. Make a personal reference or remark.

Write a sentence or two expressing what you appreciated or enjoyed. Thank the clergyman for his time and effort, perhaps going out of his way for you. Be specific in your compliments.

Thank the clergyman once again. It never hurts to say thanks twice.


Write thank you notes within two weeks of the action, if possible. Follow the general rules of pointing to the contributions of the pastor and the specific actions you most appreciated when writing thank you notes for occasions like baptisms, christenings and bar-mitzvahs. Include your contact details in event that the pastor wants to contact you.

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