How to Decorate a Heart-Shaped Cake

Updated April 17, 2017

A heart-shaped cake can add an extra touch of sweetness to a special occasion such as an anniversary, Valentine's Day or an engagement party. A heart-shaped cake is more suitable to have during these events instead of your average round, rectangular or square cake. After you have allowed a heart-shaped cake to cool after baking, there are several ways to transform it into a cake that you will be proud to show off.

Frost the cake with typical Valentine colours such as pink, red, white or lavender. Frost the cake by placing a large dollop of icing on top of the cake. Use a narrow cake spatula to spread the frosting evenly on the top, then move down toward the sides.

Use a round decorating tip and icing to create a border of beads around the shape of the heart. Or, use the tip to create a small heart in the centre of the heart shape and make several other hearts around the small heart so they get larger as you work your way out. Or, make a border of small hearts around the heart shape.

Decorate the cake with cake decorations such as coloured sanding sugar, edible pearls, tiny heart-shaped candy sprinkles or edible glitter. A border of chocolate candies can also work. Another option is to use two chocolate candy hearts and place them on one side of the heart or stick two heart-shaped lollipops into the top of the heart.

Top the cake with fresh fruit such as strawberries, kiwi slices, blueberries or raspberries if the recipient loves fresh fruit. Some options include a border of fruit around the heart, fruit at the top of the heart, or some pieces of fruit in a cluster in the centre of the heart.

Sprinkle icing sugar, cocoa powder, cinnamon or flaked coconut on the cake.

Use fondant to make decorations. Fondant bows, roses and flowers on the top and bottom of the heart are suitable. Two medium-sized fondant hearts paired together in the centre of the cake is another option.

Write a message on the top of the cake with icing, using a small piping bag and the round decorating tip. If you're nervous about writing the message in icing, write the message with a toothpick so the lines serve as a guide as you pipe the icing. Some possible messages include "I Love You," "Happy Anniversary," "Happy Valentine's Day," "Love" or "Be Mine."

Things You'll Need

  • Icing
  • Cake spatula
  • Decorating tips
  • Piping bag
  • Toothpick
  • Cake decorations (Colored sanding sugar, edible pearls, tiny heart shaped candy sprinkles or edible glitter)
  • Fresh fruit
  • Icing sugar
  • Cocoa powder
  • Cinnamon
  • Flaked coconut
  • Fondant
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