How to Write a Donation Thank You Letter

Updated April 17, 2017

A fund-raising organisation that neglects to thank its contributors in a prompt and personal manner will eventually have difficulties in raising funds. Saying thank you is a common courtesy that informs people that their acts and contributions are meaningful and significant. It also reminds them that they are not being taken for granted. A thank-you letter for a donation allows the contributors to feel good about their contributions, keeping the door open for future donations.

Address the thank-you letter with a personal greeting. Begin the letter with "Dear" followed by the name of the donor.

Thank the donor for her contribution. Be specific. Mention the date and the amount of the contribution. Avoid writing a generic thank-you letter. Show your appreciation by taking the time to address the donor in a personal and intimate way.

Provide specific details about how the money will be used. Let the donor know that her contribution makes it possible to accomplish certain tasks and goals. Letting the donor know how the money is being spent, who is being helped, as well as informing her about concrete plans for the future provides her with a sense of satisfaction and confidence that the donation is being used wisely. It also demonstrates your gratitude for the gift.

Conclude the thank-you letter with a final expression of gratitude and thanks for the support.

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