How to Fix Netting Under Formal Dresses

Updated April 17, 2017

Ripped, snagged or pulled threads in any type of fabric often leads to a ruined textile surface. Fine thread woven into crossed boxlike squares creates a fine netting fabric. This delicate fabric, generally worn under formal gowns and skirts for fullness, is prone to pulls and tears. Before replacing the netting, take some time to repair the fine weave by connecting the thread ends and finishing with a tear mender adhesive and mesh patch.

Spread the torn netting fabric on your work table. If the formal dress has an attached multiple-layered netting stitched together as the underskirt, gently pull the layers apart to expose the torn layer.

Check the netting fabric content label. Use a nylon thread for nylon netting and a polyester thread for polyester netting. Thread a hand-sewing needle with the appropriate thread type.

Align each side of the tear together on the table. If the netting appears wrinkled or hard to manage, place a non-stick protective sheet over the torn netting and glide a warm iron in a back-and-forth motion. Remove the sheet to ensure both sides of the tear are closely set together. Repeat this step as needed.

Pass the threaded needle through one of the mesh holes from back to front. Pass the needle from front to back in a separate mesh hole to form a loop. Gently pull the thread through the loop. This forms the anchor knot, which holds the torn area together as you continue to stitch.

Continue to pass the needle back to front and front to back as you keep the torn section aligned. Cut away all loose threads with fabric scissors. Though the tear appears connected, the netting is not secure.

Dab tear mender adhesive along the stitched tear and let dry your brand's recommended time. This adhesive type bonds the torn netting edges like glue. Most tear mender adhesive includes an appropriate mesh patch for delicate fabric.

Cut two separate pieces of the self-adhesive mesh patch slightly larger than the mended area. The wider the patch size, the more noticeable the repair. Remove the protective backing from the patch and gently press it along one side of the mended fabric.

Remove the protective backing from the remaining adhesive patch and gently press it onto the opposite side of the netting. Rub the two sides of the patch to ensure the adhesive has gelled to the netting prior to wearing the formal dress.

Things You'll Need

  • Nylon or polyester thread
  • Hand sewing needle
  • Non-stick protective sheet
  • Iron
  • Fabric scissors
  • Tear mender adhesive
  • Self adhesive patch
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