How to Use Castor Oil for Hair Growth

Updated April 17, 2017

Castor oil has been used throughout the ages. In fact, according to the Gale Encyclopedia of Alternative Medicine, castor oil was used in ancient Egypt to protect the eyes from irritation. It has also been used in facial oils and even for medicinal remedies, such as constipation. The fatty acids in the castor oil can nourish the hair and may be helpful in growing hair.

Apply castor oil to the scalp. Just use a few drops and massage it into the scalp for two minutes. Do not apply to the rest of the hair because it may be difficult to wash out.

Put a shower cap or plastic cap over your hair. Wrap a towel over the shower cap.

Leave the oil in overnight. This can enhance the absorption of the oil.

Shampoo as you normally would. Get all of the castor oil out of the hair. Your hair should feel soft to the touch.


Mix castor oil with almond oil. This helps it spread better if you want to apply it to the whole length of the hair. Add a little castor oil to your conditioner. Start with just a few drops. Apply a tiny drop of castor oil to the ends of the hair to help prevent split ends. Do not wash it out.

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