How to Write a Thank You Card for a Christening

A christening is the act of bringing a person into a religious fold and includes naming the person before God and/or baptising him. Christening is a rite in Christian-based faiths, and is usually performed on infants and young children. After your child has been christened, you can send a thank you note to the priest, preacher or other clergy members of the church at which your child was baptised. Writing a thank you note after a christening isn't difficult and is a good way of expressing your gratitude and recognition for the people who partook in the ceremony.

Address the envelope that comes with the stationery or card you are using. If you are hand-delivering the thank you card, you don't need to complete this step. Write the return address, which is your own, in the top left corner of the unflapped side of envelope. Write the recipient's name and address below, in the centre of the envelope, positioned to the lower right of the return address. Place a stamp of your choice on the top right corner of the envelope.

Select a sheet of stationery paper or thank you card that is appropriately sized to fit in the envelope with minimal folding. Since this thank you note is for a christening, select stationery that is appropriate to the occasion and theme. For example, angels and cloud designs on stationery is suitable, or you can purchase a non-specific religious-themed greeting card.

Open the note with a greeting on the top left side of the stationery paper or card. You can address the entire clergy of the church at which the christening was held, or you can simply address the priest or preacher who conducted the ceremony.

Skip a line and indent the first sentence of your note 1 inch to the right. Begin your thank you note by expressing your gratitude for the baptism and christening. If you have any personal messages to share with the clergy, do so. A thank you note doesn't have to be a long, wordy letter. Make it brief, meaningful and heartfelt.

Close the letter by adding your closing phrase and name. For example, for a christening thank you note, you can sign your message with a phrase such as "God bless you," or "Yours with Christ." Follow by printing or signing your name beneath the closing line.

Fold the paper evenly so that it fits into the envelope. Seal the envelope and give it to the recipient to show your gratitude for the christening event.


If you wish, you can include a photo from the christening along with the thank you card.

Things You'll Need

  • Stationery set or thank you card
  • Pens
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