How to Fold Paper Napkins in a Fancy Way

Updated February 21, 2017

Paper napkins make cleanup after an event much easier than if you had used cloth napkins. Using paper napkins also saves time because you do not have to iron them. Use high-quality, triple-ply dinner napkins to create the same fancy shapes and designs, such as the diamond fold, you would with traditional cloth napkins.

Lay the square napkin on a flat surface.

Fold the napkin in half by bringing the top edge down to meet the bottom edge.

Fold the napkin into quarters by bringing the left edge to meet the right edge. You should now have a square, with folded edges on the left and on top.

Take the top layer in the lower right-hand corner and fold it diagonally so that it touches the upper left-hand corner.

Bring the next layer from the lower right-hand corner toward the upper-left hand corner. Stagger the crease so that they are two separate points. Repeat this process with the third layer.

Turn the napkin so that the single point is at the top and the three staggered points are at the bottom.

Fold the left and right sides under the napkin so that they meet in the middle. Press the napkin flat with your hand;smooth out any creases.

Place the folded napkins to the left of your dinner plates.


Because folding paper napkins produces permanent creases, purchase extra napkins to make up for any mistakes as you are learning. Add a decorative touch to your place setting by tucking the silverware or place cards in the fold of the napkin.

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