How to estimate concrete footing costs

Updated March 23, 2017

When building concrete walls, you'll need to construct footers. These structures sit at the base of the concrete wall, perpendicular to the wall. Concrete footing creates stability for the wall so it lasts longer. Estimating the cost of construction of a footer takes a few minutes.

Measure the length, width and height of the footer that you want to build in feet. Multiply these figures together to get the total cubic feet.

Determine the number of bags of premix cement you will need. If you have a cubic yard, or 27 cubic feet, you will need 40 to 2077kg. bags. The amount of water you will need depends on the actual type of cement you are choosing. Bags of premix cement (36.3kg.) range from £2 to £4, as of 2011, depending on where you live and the brand you are purchasing.

Add in the amount of labour that will be needed to complete the project, if you choose not to do the job yourself. Some construction companies can give you an general estimate over the phone.

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