How to Repair a Makita Power Drill

Updated February 21, 2017

Makita power drills can drill through wood and thin metal. When a piece on the drill stops working properly, some of the pieces can be repaired at home. Look through your user's manual for the correct replacement parts. Some other broken pieces must be repaired by a licensed Makita technician because they will be unsafe if worked on by a homeowner.

Replace the drill's side grip if the grip is broken. You need a steady grip to firmly drill through tough materials such as oak. Turn the grip counterclockwise to loosen its grip. When it is loose, slide it off the drill. Slide a new one onto the drill and turn the handle clockwise to tighten it.

Remove a broken drill bit. If your bit is broken, then you should not use it because it can splinter, sending shrapnel into the air. Place the chuck key into the side of the drill chuck, the piece that the drill bit goes into, and turn it counterclockwise. Pull the broken bit out and place a new one in. Tighten it into place by turning the chuck key clockwise.

Return the Makita power drill if the cord is cracked or broken. Makita drills are supposed to be repaired by a licensed technician. All Makita tools have a one-year warranty. Some stores that sell Makita power drills also sell protection plans that cover the drill for a few years after that.

Things You'll Need

  • Side grip
  • Chuck key
  • Drill bit
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