How to Fix a Sharp Microwave Turntable That Won't Turn

Updated February 21, 2017

The turntable inside your Sharp microwave oven rotates food as it cooks so all sides receive similar exposure to electromagnetic waves. If you turntable isn't working, your food will cook unevenly. The most common causes of trouble stem from inside the microwave oven. The food may be too big or the wrong shape for the appliance. The turntable can easily dislodge during normal use, stopping it from spinning.

Check your cooking container to make sure it doesn't touch the sides of the microwave. Large plates and containers will scrape the walls and stop the plate turning underneath. Transfer your cooking to another, smaller container or heat it up on the stove.

Ensure that the glass turntable and plastic support are correctly installed. The support fits over a small driveshaft in the middle of the oven with the turntable on top. The wheels of the support fit inside a groove running around the underside of the glass turntable. The oven won't spin your food until both parts are correctly installed.

Take out the glass turntable and support and wash them in a sink with hot, soapy water. Use a damp, soapy cloth to clean around the inside of the microwave oven, paying special attention to the floor. Food splashes make turning the support's wheels harder. Thoroughly dry everything and return to the oven as in step two.

Unplug the microwave oven and wait for up to a minute. A motor or software problem could be stopping the turntable from spinning. This procedure resets the oven's computer and lets the motor cool down. You will need to reset the clock after unplugging the oven.

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