Hotpoint Wt540 Instructions

Updated February 21, 2017

Hotpoint is a brand name of home appliances by General Electric. The Hotpoint product line includes fridges, freezers, dishwashers, garbage disposals and washers and dryers. The Hotpoint WT540 is a washer designed for home use that features several different washing programs like fast wash, cool wash and hand wash, and a status indicator.

Press the "On/Off" button to start the washing machine.

Load your laundry into the machine and close the door securely. Avoid stuffing laundry into the machine until it's full.

Add your detergent and fabric softener and then move the dial to the program you wish to use. Select any option modifiers you want to use, such as "Prewash," "Hygienic," "Superwash" or "Standard."

Press the "Start/Cancel" button to begin the washing program.

Press and hold the "Start/Cancel" button for three seconds during a wash cycle to stop or change the program.

Select the "Pump Out" feature on the program selector dial. Move the dial to a new program once the machine has finished emptying. Press "Start/Cancel" to start the machine again.

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