DIY RC Transmitter

Updated April 17, 2017

Create your own radio control, or RC, transmitter so you can design the transmitter's features and specifications. If you make your own radio control transmitter, you will have total customisation in how you control your RC vehicle.

Follow the schematic and mount one component at a time on the printed circuit board, or PCB. Solder each component in place and trim the leads when the solder sets. Start with the shortest components first and move gradually to the tallest ones.

Make any modifications for added features. You may have to acquire extra components at this stage. Internet forums are a great resource for questions regarding modifications to do-it-yourself circuits.

Connect knobs, levers and other control components to the project enclosure. Drill or cut holes if necessary. Wire the controls to the PCB. Solder each wire onto the PCB, then onto the control component. Try to avoid creating a tangle of wires. One possibility is to bind groups of wire together with plastic pull ties.

Mount the antenna in the enclosure. Solder the leads onto the PCB.

Wire the battery holder leads to the power connections of the PCB and solder them in place.

Mount the PCB in place in the enclosure with the proper screws.

Close the enclosure and screw the sections in place.


Feel free to modify your transmitter after your initial construction. It's common in do-it-yourself projects to continue modifying to improve performance.


Be careful while soldering, as a soldering iron becomes hot. Avoid inhaling the toxic fumes of hot solder. Work in a well-ventilated area.

Things You'll Need

  • Project schematic
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