How to Change the Light Bulb in a Russell Hobbs HOB-GTS23 Microwave Oven

Russell Hobbs is based in the United Kingdom and makes microwaves, as well as other appliances. The HOB-GTS23 microwave includes a light built into the side of the unit to illuminate the cooking area when the microwave is in use. If the bulb burns out, it can be difficult to monitor the condition of the food you are cooking. Russell Hobbs recommends contacting a certified repair centre to have the bulb replaced, but you can access and replace it at home in minutes.

Unplug the power cord from the wall outlet. Tip the microwave onto its back on the counter to expose the bottom of the microwave.

Remove the screws securing the microwave cover with a Phillips screwdriver. Tip the microwave upright and remove the screws on the back of the microwave. There are four screws on the bottom and six on the back. Slide the cover off the microwave.

Locate the bulb on the upper right side of the microwave. Unscrew the existing bulb and throw it away. Install the new bulb and replace the microwave cover.

Replace the retaining screws, starting with the back of the microwave and moving to the bottom. Set the microwave upright and plug it into the wall outlet. Open the door to test the new bulb.


Make sure the bulb is cool before you remove it. Appliance bulbs can get extremely hot and may cause burns.

Things You'll Need

  • Phillips screwdriver
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