How to Buy Super Swamper Tires

Updated April 17, 2017

Designed for agricultural vehicles, ATVs and light trucks, Super Swamper tires provide traction for snow, dirt, sand and rocky terrain. Super Swamper tires provide better traction because of their thread and gap distribution on each tire. Manufactured by Interco Tire company, Super Swampers are designed to function both on off-road terrain and on highways.

Know the type of terrain you drive on the most. Super Swamper tires are designed for either all-purpose or terrain-specific environments. The differences between terrain-specific and all-purpose is the traction; all-purpose tires will provide traction in all situations, however, terrain-speicifc will provide better traction for one terrain. For example, the LTB SS tires provide better traction and are constructed specifically for off-road driving, handling rough falls and bumps.

Select the type of tire you need. Interco offers a variety of tires from the TSl Radial, a tire designed for aggressive off-road drivers, to the TSL Bogger, designed for agricultural vehicles when driving in the mud. Each type contains different specifications to the maximum weight to the rim size of your car.

Read Interco's tire specification sheet. Interco offers a variation of tire sizes with each offering different specifications for rims, weight and thread width. Read the tire sheet to find the size and Interco number that is appropriate for the weight and rim size of your vehicle. Each specification will allow you to select the weight of the tire, thread count and maximum PSI pressure.

Purchase the tires for an authorised dealer. Interco lists a variety of different authorised dealers and, if no dealer is near you, you may have to call and have the tires shipped. When ordering, give the customer representative the Interco number for the tire to select and purchase the correct one.

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