How to Repair Cement Roof Tiles With Permatex

Permatex is a brand of sealers and adhesives used in the automotive industry. Permatex also has a branch of industrial-strength adhesives and patches designed for industrial usage. These are used for the repair of cement roof tiles and cement floors. This brand is Devcon, which sells a fast-acting concrete repair patch that can glue and repair concrete roof tiles as well as many other cement problems. In order to repair concrete roof tiles, apply the patch on a warm sunny day with a clear forecast for the next several days.

Place the ladder against the wall in a sturdy and safe location. Clean the broken tiles with a chemical cleaner and a soft brush to remove any dirt, grease and contaminants from the tiles. Rinse the cleaner residue with clear water and allow the tiles to dry overnight.

Mix the patch powder with the catalyst using a ratio of one to one. If the mixture is still too thick, then add a little more liquid. Stir thoroughly until the mixture reaches the consistency of peanut butter. Work fast, as the mixture starts to harden in about 15 minutes.

Put on rubber gloves to protect hands from the patch material. Apply the repair patch to the broken tiles with a trowel. Press the broken pieces together and hold in place for one minute, or until they stick together like glue. Replace any missing cement pieces with a layer of the patch applied with a trowel. Use the trowel to smooth out any rough areas of the cement and to add shaping to match the texture and shape of the original tiles.

Allow the patch to cure for 60 minutes before touching the roof tiles. A full cure takes 24 hours. Do not allow rain or weight to rest on the repaired cement tiles for 24 hours to ensure the patch has fully cured.

Things You'll Need

  • Ladder
  • Chemical cleaner
  • Work rags
  • Scrub brush
  • Devcon cement repair patch
  • Trowel
  • Rubber gloves
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