How to set temperature limits on thermostatic shower valves

Updated February 21, 2017

Thermostatic temperature valves set a maximum temperature for a faucet. These valves decrease your risk of injury from burning or scalding. Thermostatic temperature valves prove especially helpful for households with children who do not understand the importance of temperature regulation. Typically, these valves use a maximum temperature preset of 55 degrees Celsius (130 Fahrenheit). Water above 55 degrees Celsius causes scalding in 60 seconds or less, while water above 70 degrees Celsius (160 Fahrenheit) causes scaling in 30 seconds or less.

Turn the shower on by turning the faucet anticlockwise. Turn the faucet to its fully extended position. Allow the water to warm for about three minutes.

Hold a thermometer under the flowing water. Note the temperature of the water. Turn the water off.

Adjust the temperature. Turn the control knob underneath the faucet anticlockwise to raise the temperature or clockwise to lower the temperature. Wait 10 seconds between each quarter-turn of the knob.

Turn the faucet back on. Allow the water to warm for three minutes. Place the thermometer under the running water and note the temperature. Turn the faucet off.

Continue adjusting the temperature using the same process.


Thermostatic valves typically regulate temperature within one degree Celsius (two Fahrenheit).

Things You'll Need

  • High-temperature thermometer
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