How to Replace a VW Window Regulator

Updated April 17, 2017

Replacing a window regulator in any vehicle is pretty much the same procedure. If a regulator on one of your VW windows becomes damaged you will be unable to open or close your window. When this occurs you need to replace the regulator as soon as possible. You can do it yourself if you have basic auto repair knowledge. In addition to the regulator, the job requires basic mechanic tools, which are available at your local auto supply store.

Operate the windows in your Volkswagen to determine which of the window regulators are damaged and require replacement.

Open up the door that has the damaged window regulator. Use a small flat head screwdriver to pry off the plastic covers which cover the mounting screws attached to the inner door panel.

Remove the screws on the door panel using a Phillips-head screwdriver. Lift the door panel away from the door and place to one side.

Use a hex wrench to remove the bolts holding the regulator to the window, disconnect the regulator from the window and tape the glass pane to the door frame to hold it in place. Remove the lower mounting bolts attached to the regulator and lift it away from the door.

Insert a new window regulator on to the door and fix in place by attaching the lower mounting bolts. Line up the window pane with the regulator and reattach the hex bolts. Place the door panel back on to the door and secure it in place with the mounting screws.

Things You'll Need

  • Wrench set
  • Screwdriver set
  • Duct tape or similar
  • Window regulator
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