How to block road noise

Whether you sleep during the day or live on a busy city street, road noise can be disruptive and stressful. Road noise includes loud noises from cars, trucks and road construction. Block out road noise with simple supplies from around the home or local store. Depending upon the level of noise you wish to block out, you can choose from a variety of methods ranging from home remedies to professional solutions.

Run an electric fan or white noise machine in rooms where you want to block out road noise. This is especially helpful for the bedroom so noises don't disrupt your sleep.

Hang sound deadening draperies, such as those used in hotels, to prevent sound waves from road noise from entering your home. Have soundproof windows installed if the noise is extremely loud. Soundproof windows consist of an extra window pane installed to keep sound waves from going in through the windows.

Tack up soundproof wall coverings. When the insulation in your home isn't sufficient to keep noise out, soundproof wall coverings provide an extra layer of protection against noises from the street or nearby apartments. Use tacks appropriate for hanging soundproof wall coverings and cover the entire wall that's closest to the source of the noise.


Small, battery-operated white noise machines can be packed in your suitcase and taken on trips to block out street noise while you're on vacation or away for business. Carpeting, upholstery and draperies help muffle sound waves and reduce noise from within and outside your home. Close the doors to rooms that face a noisy street. This prevents the sound from travelling to other areas of the home.

Things You'll Need

  • Electric fan
  • White noise machine
  • Sound-deadening draperies
  • Window soundproofing (optional)
  • Soundproofing wall coverings
  • Tacks
  • Hammer
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