How to Install a Halogen Motion Sensing Security Light

Updated February 21, 2017

A halogen light provides a bright beam that makes it well-suited for outdoor use. You can install a halogen-based motion sensing security light yourself, once a suitable sensing security kit has been acquired from an electronics store or a home and garden supply shop. The light can be installed to the electrical junction box already connected to a porch light--no additional drilling into a wall is necessary. A few household tools will be required, however.

Go to the fuse box. Remove the fuse or trip the circuit breaker that supplies power to the porch light. Try turning the porch light switch on to verify that the power has been switched off.

Unscrew the bulb from the porch light's socket. Remove the screws from the porch light cover plate with a Phillips screwdriver--use a ladder to reach the cover plate if it is higher than you can reach.

Pull the porch light off the cover plate. Unscrew the screw tabs holding the wires from the porch light and the electrical junction box inside the wall. Unwind the wires that are twisted around each other. Place the porch light aside.

Separate the wires attached to the security light. Pull the wires connected to the electrical junction box through the cover plate.

Wind the exposed ends of the white wires from the electrical junction box and the security light together. Wind the exposed ends of the black wire from the electrical circuit box and the security light together. Wind the exposed ends of the bare wires from the electrical junction box and the security light together. Wind the exposed ends of the red wire from the security light and the copper-coloured wire from the electrical junction box together.

Place a screw tab on each pair of twisted wires. Screw the screw tabs clockwise until you feel resistance. Push the wiring back into the wall. Place the security light against the cover plate. Screw the security light to the cover plate with metal screws, using a Phillips screwdriver.

Screw a halogen bulb into the bulb socket of the security light--if there is a cover on the bulb socket, remove the cover first before screwing in the halogen bulb. Loosen the set screw on the side of the security light with a Phillips screwdriver.

Angle the arm that the bulb socket is attached to so that the halogen light faces in the direction of the area that you want to illuminate. Tighten the set screw. Restore the electrical power.


Settings on the security light will let you adjust how it reacts to motion. Work gloves will protect your hands from being pricked by the exposed wires.

Things You'll Need

  • Ladder
  • Phillips screwdriver
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