How to Make a "Spider-Man" Movie Replica Costume

Updated April 17, 2017

With the resurgence of Spider-Man's popularity due to the movie trilogy directed by Sam Raimi and the Broadway musical about the Marvel superhero, Spider-Man costumes are one of the hottest choices come Halloween or party time. You can create your own Spider-Man costume that replicates the design seen in the movie with a little bit of sewing and creativity. With the right materials, your Spider-Man movie replica costume will convince your friends that the real web-slinger is in their midst.

Print pictures of the Spider-Man costume off of the Internet and have them on hand as a guide to follow while making your own costume. The colours and design of the suit seen in the Spider-Man movies differs slightly from the cartoon and comic book renditions of the costume. Make sure that you are following examples printed off from the Sam Raimi movies.

Draw the outline of the blue sections of the upper half of Spider-Man's costume onto the red spandex shirt using a silver permanent marker. The blue section of the top of the Spider-Man suit covers most of the back, the sides of the chest and the inside half of both arms. When you have outlined the entire blue section, fill it in using blue fabric paint. Paint the front of the shirt and let it dry before moving onto the back. Try to match the shade of blue fabric paint to the shade of the blue spandex trousers you are using for your costume.

Lay the painted shirt on the floor and line up a pair of red gloves to the edges of the sleeves. Using the silver marker, draw lines of web down from the neck of the shirt and down each arm onto the gloves. Match the lines as they cross from the sleeves onto the gloves. Use the picture you have printed out as your guide in order to determine where the web lines are positioned on the costume. With the picture as a guide, paint the spider logo on the centre of the shirt, using a small paintbrush and black fabric paint.

Paint web lines on a pair of red socks. The red socks should match the red colour of the shirt and go up halfway to the knees. Use the picture as a guide to draw the web designs with the silver marker. Because the web lines do not continue onto the blue spandex trousers, you do not need to match the lines like you did with the gloves.

With the shirt still on the ground, line up a red ski-mask to the top of the spandex shirt. Draw more web lines on the mask, following your reference picture. Make sure that the lines match the lines on the shirt. Study the eyes of Spider-Man on the picture you printed out. Cut similar shaped eyes out of a white transparent fabric and sew them over the eye holes of the ski mask. With black fabric paint, draw a black outline around the white eyes to make them stand out. Let the mask dry.

Put on the blue spandex tights with both socks pulled up over the legs in position to match the web design. Pull the red spandex shirt over your head onto your chest. Put the gloves on, matching the web design to the lines on the shirt sleeves. Finally, pull the ski mask over your head, tucking it into the shirt and matching the web design. Your costume is complete.

Things You'll Need

  • Red spandex long-sleeve shirt
  • Blue spandex trousers or tights
  • Red socks
  • White transparent fabric
  • Red face mask
  • Red gloves
  • Silver permanent marker
  • Black fabric paint
  • Blue fabric paint
  • Small paintbrush
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