How to strengthen the ligaments of the hip joint

Updated April 17, 2017

The ligaments of the hip joint undergo extreme wear and tear owing to the range of physical activities they are used for, from sitting, standing, walking and running. Maintaining the strength and flexibility of the hip joint ligaments is essential to increasing their range of motion and to preventing hip-related pain and injury. You can easily strengthen your hip joint ligaments by combining different exercise techniques for maximum gain.

Perform range-of-motion exercises once daily. Spread an exercise mat on the ground and lie on your back with your hands on your side and your feet together. Gently bend both knees together and draw them toward your chest. Slowly move the knees in a clockwise mode, while keeping your lower spine straight on the ground. After rotating the knees clockwise for five counts, change the direction to counterclockwise for five counts. Gently revert back to your original position.

Sit upright in a chair and place your hands on your hips. Slowly shift your hips from one side to the other, for eight counts on each side.

Sit on an exercise mat to perform inward leg presses. Position a basketball or a tightly rolled, long towel between your knees. Press your knees together as close as possible and hold for 15 seconds. Revert back to your original position and repeat the inward leg presses for a total of 10 counts.

Perform the Pilates leg circle exercise to strengthen the hip joint ligaments, as well as core pelvic muscles. Lie on your back with both legs straight and hands at your side. Slowly lift your right leg straight up at a 90-degree angle to the ground. Inhale as you begin to gently circle the leg clockwise and counterclockwise for a count of six. Exhale slowly and gently draw the leg back to the ground. Repeat the leg circle exercise with the left leg.

Perform the Pilates bicycle kick. Lie on your back. Slowly lift your right leg straight up, and hold at an angle of 45 degrees to the ground. Simultaneously, lift the left leg, bend your knee and bring it up toward your body. Hold the knee with your left hand and the ankle with your right hand, and slowly draw it toward your chest for a count of two. Bring both legs down gently. Repeat the bicycle kick exercise with the other leg.


Always wear well-supported shoes or athlete shoes to prevent mobility accidents, stiffness and deterioration of the hip joint ligament. You can also enlist the help of a certified fitness instructor to train you to perform isometric and isotonic exercises, both of which use different techniques to strengthen the hip ligaments.


Stop exercising if you experience pain while exercising, and consult your physician for advice.

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