How to Wire an Electric Window Switch

Updated March 23, 2017

Practically every car has electric windows and it's likely you don't even consider how convenient they are, or the problem it causes if one stops working. Your electric window switch gets a lot of use and sometimes you find they are not as robust as they should be. If you accidentally exert a little too much force either pushing or pulling your window switch you might find it gets stuck in the depressed position, or you may find yourself holding a broken switch in your hand. However, despite the inconvenience, it's a moderately easy task to wire a replacement electric window switch.

Check how the existing electric window switch is wired before disconnecting the wires. You find it has four or five wires connected, depending on the type of switch and whether it illuminates when your lights are on.

Draw a rough diagram on a sheet of paper defining the layout of the electric window switch connectors. Draw short lines from each connector; the lines represent the wires. Each wire is coloured differently so if you have coloured pens, draw each line the same or similar colour as the wiring to the switch connectors. If you don't have coloured pens simply write the initial letter of each coloured wire next to the appropriate line you've drawn. For example, if a wire is red, mark "R" next to the line and so on.

Disconnect each wire from the electric window switch, once you are confident your diagram is representative of the switch and wiring connections. You find that each wire is attached to a switch connector using a small screw. Loosen each screw using a suitably-sized screwdriver and slide the wires from under the screw. Don't remove the screws as you may lose them.

Position your replacement window switch and diagram next to each so you can easily refer to each. Ensure the switch is positioned so the four or five wires can connect to the switch.

Reconnect each coloured wire by referring to your diagram and the layout of the switch connectors. Loosen the screws on the switch slightly. Systematically insert each coloured wire under the respective connector screws then tighten using a screwdriver. Refer to your diagram throughout the process.

Check the coloured wires attached to the replacement electric window switch connectors mirror your diagram. Turn on your ignition key and test the switch, before you replace it in the switch holder.

Things You'll Need

  • Pens
  • Paper
  • Screwdriver
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