How to Draw a Castle Floor Plan

Updated February 21, 2017

A castle floor plan shows the specific areas of the compound dedicated to the needs of those who live there. Each segment is vital to the security, daily needs and survival of the inhabitants. A drawing of a castle floor plan may be required for a school project, model, diorama, video game or even a full-size ice castle complex. The drawing will show each floor of the building or buildings and titles for the rooms or areas used by the inhabitants. Draw a simple castle floor plan or a highly detailed one.

Determine the measurement of one grid block of the paper compared to actual feet of the castle components. For example, a 1/4-inch block on the paper may represent three feet of castle wall.

Draw a light sketch of the outermost, thick protective wall of the castle property. The area determines the size of the castle proper. The castle plan is drawn from the outside in.

Sketch in the moat area or grounds between the two sets of walls. Use a ruler and compass to draw in the inner wall, gates, gate towers, drawbridge and the round or rectangular shape of any turret on the property.

Draw the interior ground floor area of the castle. The castle is comprised of a courtyard, living quarters, armory, stables, kitchen, food storage, chapel and guard house. A garden and well must be included within the fortress as they are essential in case of a siege. Be sure to include historically accurate additions according to the information available concerning a specific castle when drawing a floor plan for a school project or diorama.

Measure and draw the same shape for turrets and separate sections for the first and second floors in the floor plan. The castle keep will be the tallest portion of the castle with the most floors. Add in pits, dungeons and underground rooms.

View the series of sketches to check if all rooms and open areas are included. Go over the lines of the sketch with the pencil or a pen to complete the final castle floor plan. Label each room and section for identification.


Make preliminary sketches before drawing the official castle floor plan.

Things You'll Need

  • 1/4 inch grid paper
  • Ruler
  • Compass
  • Drawing pencils
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