How to Make Ancient Egyptian Makeup

In the days of pharaohs and pyramids, ancient Egyptians wore bold make-up designs whether they were male or female. Such cosmetics included coal-coloured eyeliner, white face paint and deep rouges. Since this was obviously long before the commercial cosmetic industry, the ingredients used to make ancient Egyptian make-up were natural and naturally derived. Knowing how to make ancient Egyptian make-up gives you the opportunity to experiment with minerals and other natural colour sources to create looks inspired by Cleopatra herself.

Select kohl mica mineral pigment, which can be obtained with other needed ingredients from a wholesaler of mica and oxide minerals. Although in ancient times the Egyptians used galena, kohl mica is similar and can be obtained easily. Add 2 tbsp of the mineral to a small dish.

Add 1 tbsp of beeswax to one of the mixing dishes. Add a tbsp of carrier oil like coconut or rose hip oil.

Microwave the dish containing beeswax and oil until the contents of it are melted into a thin liquid. This takes anywhere from two to four minutes.

Stir the beeswax and oil mixture with a disposable stirring wand as you gradually add the kohl mica powder. Transfer the melted, black goo into a cosmetic container such as a lip gloss pot or small tin. The eyeliner will harden as it cools to room temperature. To apply it, sweep a fine-bristled make-up brush across its surface and apply to your eyes.

Add 2 tbsp of red ochre oxide mineral to a glass dish. This is the very same mineral the ancient Egyptians used to make their rouge formulas and can be purchased online or in craft supply shops.

Stir in a tbsp of carrier oil. Stir with a disposable stirring wand until all of the ochre is completely dissolved. It will result in a sludgy substance the colour of blood.

Microwave a bowl containing 1 tsp beeswax for up to four minutes or until it is melted into liquid.

Drizzle the melted wax into the blood-red substance and whip it with the disposable stirring wand for an entire two minutes. As it cools it will settle into a firm rouge that melts on contact with the skin. It can be used as a lip colourant or blush.

Things You'll Need

  • Assorted mixing dishes
  • Assorted mica minerals
  • Assorted oxide minerals
  • Disposable stirring wands
  • Beeswax pastilles
  • Carrier oil
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