Wahl trimmer instructions

Updated February 21, 2017

Leo J. Wahl began the Wahl Clipper Corporation in 1919 when he manufactured his first electric hair clipper. Since then, the company has grown to become a leader amongst manufacturers of hair implements. The product line has also expanded over the years to include hairstyling tools and therapeutic massagers but hair clippers and trimmers remain the company's top-selling products. Owners of Wahl trimmers can use them to attend to facial hair as well as hair in the ears and nostrils. It is best to follow the manufacturer's instructions for satisfactory results.

Ensure that the trimmer is in the "Off" position, then connect the transformer. Plug the transformer into an electrical socket and charge the trimmer overnight before the first use.

Comb your beard in the direction of growth. Attach the trimming guide and set it to "6," the longest length, and turn the trimmer on. Begin at the sideburns by pointing the blade toward you and trimming the hair down toward the neck. Trim the hair on the chin with overlapping strokes. When you have trimmed every part of your beard at this length, switch the guide to "5" and trim again. Continue trimming at shorter lengths until your beard is at a desirable length. Take the guide off the trimmer and use the bare blade to cut the outline of your beard.

Comb your moustache. Set the attachment on to "6" again, then hold the trimmer up with blades facing you. Turn the trimmer on, then start trimming the hair with strokes from the top of the moustache to your lip. Trim at shorter lengths until your moustache is as short as you wish. Return the attachment to the "6" setting if you wish to taper the ends of your moustache. Place the trimmer in the middle of your moustache and work toward the ends, following the outline of your lip. Use short upward strokes. Remove the guide and use the bare blades to make a defined outline at the bottom of your moustache.

Turn the trimmer off and remove the current trimmer head. Attach the ear-nose-brow rotary detailer trimmer.

Clean the nose and ears before trimming. Turn the trimmer on and move the rotary detailer slowly into a nostril, up to 1/4 inch deep. Repeat this process for the second nostril and both ears.

Move the rotary detailer slowly along the edges of the eyebrows to cut stray hairs. For a more defined look or shaped eyebrows, remove the rotary detailer and attach the reciprocating head with the eyebrow-comb attachment. Follow the direction of the hair growth to trim the eyebrow to the shape you want.

Use the brush included in the Wahl trimmer package to clean the blades and trimmer of hair at the end of the trimming process. Place the blade guard over the blade before storing the trimmer.

Lubricate the blades with Wahl clipper oil once a month or as needed. To lubricate, turn the trimmer on and, with the blades facing down, apply a drop or two of the oil to the blades. Turn the trimmer off and wipe off any excess oil.

Things You'll Need

  • Comb
  • Wahl clipper oil
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