How to Charge a 134A AC System on a Chevy S10

Updated February 21, 2017

The S10 is a compact pickup truck designed and manufactured by General Motors and sold under the Chevrolet brand. The Chevy S10 is equipped with an air conditioning system that uses a chemical refrigerant called Freon to cool the air. If you notice that the air being emitted is not as cool as it used to be, you may have to recharge your system with an R-134a refrigerant. You can purchase an R-134a refrigerant kit at an auto parts store and perform the maintenance yourself.

Park your Chevy S10 on a level surface and turn the engine off. Open the bonnet of the truck.

Locate the air conditioner low-side service fitting. The low-side hose runs from the accumulator to the compressor. The service fitting is found on the low-side hose.

Connect the 134a refrigerant to the low-side fitting. The refrigerant hose will snap onto the service fitting. Turn the refrigerant's valve to the "on" position.

Turn the S10's engine on. Set the air conditioner controls to the highest setting. Allow the system to charge. You will feel the air blowing out of the vents becoming increasing cooler.

Disconnect the 134a from the low-side service fitting. Close the bonnet of the S10. Repeat these steps any time your air conditioner needs to be charged.

Things You'll Need

  • R-134a recharge kit
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