How to Earn Weight Watchers Points With Exercise

Updated April 17, 2017

Weight Watchers works on a point system and can be an effective way to lose weight. Foods and exercise are allocated certain points within the system to help you regulate consumption and burning calories. You're allowed a set number of food points and are required to exercise to earn workout points. You can then record these points in your online weight diary that Weight Watchers provides.

Sign up for a new sport that you have never tried before, particularly if you're tired of going the gym or find your usual exercise routine boring. Activities such as golf, hiking, power walking or playing frisbee for an hour will earn you four Weight Watchers activity points.

Join a dance class. Dancing will earn you four Weight Watchers activity points. This can be any type of dance such as salsa, ball room or tap dance. You will need to continually dance for either 40 minutes at a moderate intensity or 20 minutes at high intensity.

Spend time in the garden. Weight Watchers recommends that an hour of digging, planting and weeding can burn as many calories as running for 20 minutes. Your garden will also improve as an added bonus and you will earn yourself four Weight Watchers activity points.

Go swimming or sign up for an aqua class. Aqua classes are available at most gyms that have swimming programs -- they include calorie-burning exercises and toning exercises under water that can burn up to 600 calories an hour. Swimming for an hour, doing a general front crawl, will burn slightly less at around 500 calories. Nevertheless, both these exercises will earn you a further four Weight Watchers activity points.

Clean the house. A top to bottom clean of your house could also earn you four Weight Watchers activity points. An hour of laundry, vigorously cleaning, ironing or sweeping the house or car will earn you four points as well.

Remember there is no limit to the amount of exercises you can do. The more you do, the more points you earn and you can swap the exercise points for food points if you want a few extra glasses of wine or that dessert.


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