How to Repair Bose Earphones

Updated February 21, 2017

Bose is an audio equipment manufacturer that produces mainly speaker systems and headphones. If you own a pair of Bose headphones, you are typically going to enjoy high-end audio with your hardware. However, if the audio sounds muffled, static or just sounds off, there are a few common issues that prevent the headphones from sounding its best. You need to follow a few troubleshooting steps to correct these problems.

Wipe off the metal connection jack on the Bose headphones. If this jack is dirty the hardware is not going to receive a clear audio signal, causing distortion in the sound.

Spray a few shots of compressed air into the headphone connection on the audio device you want to hook up. Eventually, dust and other dirt fills up in the connection port, preventing a clear signal between the hardware and the Bose earphones.

Check to make sure the Bose earphones are inserted completely into the connection port. If the jack is not pushed in completely, you only receive half an audio signal, cutting down on the volume you are able to achieve with the headphones.

Disconnect the Bose earphones from the audio device if it becomes wet (such as from the rain or from sweating). Wait a few hours for the headphones to dry before using the equipment again. If you don't, the condensation is going to damage the headphones, preventing the equipment from producing clear and crisp audio.

Things You'll Need

  • Damp cloth
  • Compressed air
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