How to Make Your Own Blueberry Girl Costume

Turn yourself into a blueberry girl for a flirty Halloween costume. A blueberry theme works for both a single person and a group. For example, one person can dress up as a blueberry, one as pie and another as ice cream to be "pie à la mode." This costume is appropriate for almost any age. The overall theme of the costume is the colour blue. Instead of wearing a large, stuffed blueberry, this costume uses a dress and socks to create the look. By doing this, you have complete freedom of movement.

Plug in and turn on the iron to medium heat. Lay the apron on a flat surface. Place the iron-on blueberry transfer on top of the apron, the image facing down. Glide the hot iron over the transfer for one minute. Remove the iron and peel off the image's backing. If the image sticks to the backing, run the iron over it for another minute, and then remove the back piece.

Outline the iron-on transfer with the fabric paint pens. Use the blue pen to outline the fruit portion and the green to outline the stem and leaves.

Lay the knee socks on a flat surface. Using the green fabric paint pen, draw three or four large leaves on the sock. Do not paint inside of the leaf. Turn the socks over once the paint dries to draw leaves on the other side.

Put on the dress, apron and socks. Wear any type of blue or green shoes.

Spray your hair with the blue hairspray. To give your hair a light blue mist, hold the can 6 inches away from the head and spray. To make solid blue streaks or chunks, hold a clump of hair in a gloved hand. Hold the can 3 inches from the hair and spray it until it reaches the desired shade. Move the can up and down to cover the entire length.

Swipe a make-up brush into the brown eyeshadow. Run the brush over your eyelids for a light, brown coat. Dip a blush brush into the face glitter. Brush the glitter all over your face and collar area if exposed. Apply the lip gloss to the lips.


If you want all your hair to look blue, use a hair dye.

Things You'll Need

  • Iron
  • White apron
  • Iron-on blueberry transfer
  • Blue glitter fabric paint pen
  • Blue knee socks
  • Green glitter fabric paint pen
  • Blue dress
  • Blue or green shoes
  • Blue hairspray
  • Rubber glove
  • Make-up brushes
  • Brown eye shadow
  • Face glitter
  • Pale pink gloss
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