How to Calculate Solar Output

Updated March 23, 2017

Power output of one solar panel or an entire solar system (panels connected in an array) is measured in watts. For calculating this output, you have to obtain the voltage and the amperage of the circuit. The value you get after calculating the output is how much your solar electric system is generating at the moment. This calculation is important if you are trying to install more panels in your house. By having this value and the total power requirement of your home, you will be able to determine how many more panels are to be installed.

Find out the voltage of the circuit of solar panels. You can find this out by using a multimeter.

Find out the amerage in the panels’ circuit. Depending on the specific form of the circuit, there are a number of ways for determining this value. The simplest method nonetheless is to use a multimeter.

Add the values into this formula: voltage x amperage. The resulting value will be your electrical power output of the solar electricity system.

Things You'll Need

  • Multimeter
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