How to cure hiccups in a cat

Updated February 16, 2017

If you own a pet cat or kitten, you may be concerned when your furry friend suddenly develops a case of the hiccups. Cats can get hiccups just like humans do, and they are often caused by eating or drinking too quickly. In rarer cases, hiccups may be a sign of an underlying problem with your cat, and your pet should be seen by a vet to determine what is wrong. In most instances, however, cat hiccups can be cured by simply waiting for them to go away.

Wait for the hiccups to go away on their own. Drinking water may help with eliminating the hiccups, although you cannot force a cat to do this. The hiccups were likely caused by the cat eating or drinking its food too quickly. Ingested hairballs may also cause hiccups.

Elevate your cat's food and water dishes if you believe your cat has a problem with eating and drinking too fast. Elevated bowls make your cat work harder to get a meal, which forces it to drink and eat slower. This may prevent hiccups from developing.

Take your cat to the vet if the hiccups continue for a long time, or if the cat appears to be in distress. Some noises that sound like hiccups may actually not be. The cat may have something stuck in its throat, or it may be ill.

Remove any potential allergens from the environment, if you know your cat is allergic to something such as dust or certain plants. If a cat is allergic to something, it may develop hiccups. If you suspect allergies but are not certain, take the cat to your vet and ask for an allergy test.


Most of the time cats are not bothered by hiccups, so there is usually no need to worry that they may be distressed.

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