How to send parcels to bfpo

Written by colette mccormick | 13/05/2017
How to send parcels to bfpo
The BFPO sends mail to British troops all over the world. (red post box image by hazel proudlove from

The BFPO (British Forces Post Office) is a worldwide service for sending letters and parcels to friends and loved ones serving all over the world. If you are sending items to a family member, you pay the standard United Kingdom postage rate. Commercial users pay more. For a full breakdown of costs, look on The service is free when you send items to troops serving at Christmastime.

Check the list of prohibited items. Make sure that what you are sending is not on the prohibited list. Certain items are classified as dangerous and cannot be sent overseas. See Resources for a link to the prohibited list. If you have any doubts, contact the Parcelforce Worldwide Centre at 0800 22 44 56.

Package the parcel for mailing. Make sure that there is enough packing material to protect the contents and that the package is securely fastened.

Address the parcel correctly. The BFPO website lists the following example:

Service number, Rank, Name


Operation name (if applicable)

BFPO number

The BFPO number is similar to a postal/Postcode and is specific to a given location or group of detachments. Print the address in capital letters. The name and address of the sender should be on the reverse of the parcel. If the parcel is going overseas it will require a customs (CN22) label which is available from all post offices.

Take the parcel to the post office and mail it in the usual way.

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