How to make fabric scarves

Updated July 20, 2017

Making scarves from fabric is a simple project that allows you to create stylish accessory items for your own use and as gifts to family and friends. You can make scarves from polar fleece to keep you warm throughout the wintertime or fashion lightweight jersey knit scarves to accessorise a casual outfit. Personalise your newly made scarf with monogramming; add a floral applique in one corner or decorate the ends of a fleece scarf with yarn pom poms.

Lay out a long piece of black polar fleece fabric. Trace a rectangle that measures 10.5 inches by 55 inches onto the fabric and cut out the rectangle. Use the rectangle as a template to cut out another rectangle of the same colour polar fleece.

Trace a rectangle onto a piece of blue polar fleece that measures 25.5 inches by 6.5 inches and cut out the rectangle. Use the rectangle to trace and then cut out another rectangle of the same colour.

Repeat Step 2 with the grey polar fleece.

Align one of the 6.5-inch sides of the blue fleece next to one of the 6.5-inch sides of the grey polar fleece. Use a whipstitch to join these two side edges of fabric together. Repeat this step for the other blue and grey polar fleece rectangles.

To do the whipstitch, hold the edges of the fabric together, insert the needle into the right piece of fabric and straight through the fabric on the left. Next, carry the needle over the two pieces to reinsert it into the right fabric piece to begin another stitch.

Place one of the joined blue and grey fleece rectangles in the centre of one of the black fleece rectangles. Use a straight stitch from underneath to sew the joined rectangles onto the black rectangle. Pull the fleece taut for a smooth finish. Repeat this step for the other joined blue and grey rectangles and black fleece fabric..

Put one of the long rectangles on a flat surface, with the blue and grey rectangles facing upward. Lay the other long rectangle on top of it, facing downward, with the grey fleece from the top rectangle covering the blue fleece from the bottom rectangle. Pin the rectangles in place.

Use a zigzag or straight stitch to sew along the long side and two short sides. Sew the remaining long seam together, leaving a 4-inch opening in the centre of the seam.

Reach into the scarf and turn the fabric right side out. Turn the edges of the open seam over slightly to create a smooth edge and sew the scarf closed.

Lay the piece of jersey knit fabric on a flat surface and use a sewing tape measure to make a rectangle that measures 36 inches by 72 inches. Cut out the fabric rectangle.

Fold the fabric in half to make a rectangle that measures 18 inches by 72 inches.

Use a zigzag stitch on the sewing machine or a whip stitch by hand to sew the 72-inch long edges together. Stop approximately 1/4 of an inch away from one end.

Turn the fabric so that the end with the 1/4-inch left not sewn is away from you. Sew together the edges on the 18-inch end nearest to you using the zigzag or whip stitch.

Reach into the scarf and turn the fabric right side out. Fold over the 1/4-inch of fabric to create a smooth seam. Press the two seams together and use a very small whip stitch to join the ends.


For jersey-knit scarves, instead of cutting a 36-inch by 72-inch rectangle, you can cut an 18-inch by 72-inch rectangle and just let the ends of the fabric curl up naturally.

Things You'll Need

  • Black polar fleece
  • Blue polar fleece
  • Gray polar fleece
  • Sewing machine (optional)
  • Jersey knit fabric
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