How to Filter AC Line Noise

Updated February 21, 2017

AC line noise is a type of digital interference that travels through the power lines of a piece of electronic equipment. Much like noise from your DSL modem is filtered out of your telephone line with a DSL line filter, AC line noise is filtered out of a power cable using an AC line noise filter. These filters are installed in just a few seconds and can eliminate all AC-related noise on a particular line.

Connect your AC power line filter to the wall jack in your home, the same way you would connect a regular power cable. If your AC power line filter has an indicator light, the light should come on now.

Plug your electronic device's power cable into the power input on the AC power line filter. This will insert into the filter the same way it would if you were connecting it directly to the wall.

Plug the other end of your electronic device's power cable into the power cable input on the rear of the device (if the cable isn't permanently attached). For example, desktop computers have a power cable input on the rear of the case. DVD players and Blu-ray players often have this same input. Once this is done the filter will be installed and you will experience no more AC line noise from your device.

Things You'll Need

  • AC power line filter
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