How to Install Wood With a Carpet Inlay

Updated February 21, 2017

Installing wood panels that have a carpet inlay is a bit more difficult than installing wood panels without carpet inlays, because you must take care to protect the carpet from damage. The added difficulty will be worthwhile, thought, because an inlay gives your home or business the aesthetics of a wood floor with the comfort of carpeting. You will be using a nail gun, so be careful during the installation.

Thoroughly clean the underfloor onto which you will install the wood panelling. Use a broom to clear off any dirt and debris. Any dirt on the underfloor can lead to early rot on the wood panels that you install, so the more time spent on cleaning now, the less maintenance and repair you'll have to do later. If the underfloor is wood, apply a fresh coat of lacquer on top. Open the can with a flathead screwdriver and dip a paintbrush into the lacquer. One coating will do, because this is an interior application that will not be exposed to rain. Allow the lacquer to dry for a few hours.

Put on safety glasses, work gloves and knee pads. Any flooring installation is hard on the knees, because you will be crawling for the majority of the time and the occasional nail will poke at your knee. Load the nail clip into the nail gun by unlatching the retaining latch and sliding in the nail clip. Make sure the safety is on at all times when you're not nailing in the wood panels. Place butcher paper over the carpet inlay in the wood panel and tape it in place. The butcher paper will protect the carpet from damage.

Place the wood panels on the underfloor where you want them. Use a measuring tape to align the wood panel and then lay it in place. Use painter's tape to hold the wood panel in place. Place the tip of the nail gun against one corner of the panel, depress the barrel so the safety interlock disconnects, then pull the trigger to nail the wood panel down. Repeat this process for each corner of the wood panel. Do not nail in the carpet inlay, because this will distort the carpet patch. Nail down the rest of the wood panels as well. Go over the panelling with a hammer to ensure no nails stick up.

Remove the butcher paper once the overall construction project is done.

Things You'll Need

  • Safety goggles
  • Nail gun
  • Work gloves
  • Hammer
  • Nail clip
  • Broom
  • Paint brush
  • Lacquer
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