How to Test Your RealD 3D Glasses

Written by asad mohammad | 13/05/2017
How to Test Your RealD 3D Glasses
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3D glasses have been around for many years and can be worn to give the impression that an image is jumping out at the wearer. This gives a two-dimensional picture some added depth. RealD is a producer of 3D technologies, and manufacturers 3D glasses to be worn to view three-dimensional images on a television. Traditionally, 3D glasses were worn in movie theatres to watch 3D movies. However RealD 3D glasses have the added benefit of working on special televisions that are compatible with the glasses. Any compatible television will have the RealD 3D logo on the box or side panel. These televisions can play certain DVDs that are compatible with the RealD 3D technology.

Put on your RealD 3D glasses. The glasses will only provide a special effect if you are using a television that is compatible with RealD 3D technology. Most high definition televisions are already compatible but you can refer to your television's owner manual for more information.

Play a DVD that is compatible with RealD 3D technology. There is a special logo on the cover of the DVD to verify that the movie can be viewed using the glasses.

Look at a three-dimensional picture to check if the glasses are functional. A link in the Resources section of this article will take you to a website that displays a picture that will jump out at you if viewed while wearing the glasses. If the picture appears to pop out then your RealD 3D glasses are working.

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