How to Raise a Flag on a Flag Pole With Knots

Updated February 21, 2017

Flag poles are fixtures in places as diverse as playgrounds to military outposts, and they are sometimes even found in homes. To raise a flag up a flag pole, the flag pole must first have a halyard, and then the flag must be attached to that halyard. Setting everything up to raise the flag therefore entails tying a few knots, and those knots need to be firm if you don't want the flag tearing away from the pole in a stiff breeze.

Set up the halyard by pulling its ends together and tying them into a firm square knot. Cross the two strands. Run the end of one strand underneath the other strand and bring it back up, and then do the same with the end of the other strand. Cross and intertwine the strands a second time, and then pull the ends of the strands tight.

Tie two snaps onto the halyard at positions corresponding to the distance between the pair of grommets on the flag with square knots. Position the snaps either above the halyard knot or around the halyard knot, but do not tie both snaps on beneath the halyard knot. Trim off any extra cordage with a pair of scissors to leave a neat, clean appearance.

Clip the halyard's snaps onto the grommets of the flag. Give the flag a few firm tugs to make sure the knots holding the snaps on will hold.

Pull on the halyard. The pulley at the top of the flag pole will draw the flag up to the top.


If the halyard is not already threaded through the pulley system on the flag pole, you will need to either take down the pole or climb up to the top with a ladder to rig the pulley.

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