How to Wrap Plants in Tissue Paper

Updated February 21, 2017

Gift wrap a house plant by wrapping the pot with tissue paper and tying it with a ribbon. Use cream-coloured paper and ribbons that match the blossoms to enhance the colour of an African violet. Wrap patterned paper around a green plant to add colour and interest. Tie it with a ribbon that matches one of the colours in the paper. You don't have to give all the plants away. Wrap your own plants in paper to match your holiday decor.

Measure the height and bottom diameter of the pot. Multiply the height by two and add to it the bottom diameter, and also add 6 inches for overlap.

Cut two squares of tissue paper the size you calculated.

Lay one square of paper out flat.

Lay the second square diagonally on top of the first square so that the corners are midway between the sides of the first square.

Put the potted plant in the centre of the tissue paper squares.

Pull the opposite corners of the bottom square up, then pull up the other two corners of the same square. The top square of paper will be lifted by the bottom square.

Wrap a length of ribbon around the pot halfway up the sides. The ribbon will gather the paper around the sides of the pot.

Tie a bow in the ribbon. Pull the bow up and as high as you can and pin it to the paper with a straight pin. This will give the ribbon around the pot an attractive slant and keep it in place.

Things You'll Need

  • Ribbon
  • Straight pins
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