How to Make Your Own Dot to Dot Worksheets

Updated July 20, 2017

Dot to dot worksheets are great for children to use to learn numbers and also motor skills. A dot to dot is a fun way for children to trace lines, following along with the numbers, to create an image on their own. Dot to dot worksheets are used in schools, restaurants and at home as a fun way to pass the time. Typically, crayons are provided with the dot to dot so the child can colour in the picture after connecting the dots.

Find an image on the Internet that is crisp and easy to trace. Save the image to your hard drive.

Click "Start," "All Programs," "Gimp" and choose "Gimp 2." Click "File" and "New" from the menu. Click the selection arrow next to the "Template" box and choose "US-Letter (300ppi)."

Click "File" and then "Open." Navigate to the file you saved earlier from the Internet, leaving the blank new page in the background.

Right-click on the opened image and choose "Copy." Click on the blank new image in the background to bring it forward. Right-click on the blank image and choose "Paste." Leave the new page open, and close the original image without saving changes if it asks. This will keep the image from getting changed while working on the new page.

Click on the "Scale Tool" inside the "Toolbox." Click on the image to bring up the resizing handles and resize to fit as desired in the 8.5 x 11 space by dragging any of the four corners of the image with the mouse. It doesn't matter if it gets slightly grainy, as it won't be part of the end result. Leave borders on the right and left of the page for printing. Click on the "Scale" button when finished.

Right-click in the white space underneath the "Background" layer in the "Layers, Channels, Paths" window. Choose "New Layer" from the pop-up menu and then choose "Ok" from the dialogue box.

Click on the "Circle (13) (15 x 15)" icon from the "Brushes" selection in the "Layers, Channels, Paths" window. Click on the "Foreground and Background Colors" icon in the "Toolbox" and click on black to change the current colour and then click the "Ok" button.

Click on the image to create a dot where dot #1 should go. Click over and over again tracing each line of the image with dots. Make sure the dots are connectible.

Click on the "Text Tool" from the "Toolbox" and in the "Text" section choose the desired font and font size. Click next to the first dot and type in the number "1" and then click "Close." Continue numbering the dots until finished.

Right-click the "Pasted Layer" inside the "Layers, Channels, Paths" window and choose "Delete Layer" from the pop-up menu. A printable dot to dot worksheet is created. Save and print as desired.


Drawn images are easier to trace than photographs. Dot to dot worksheets can be created in any image software that allows layers. One layer is the original image, the second layer is the drawing that you create over the top.


The dots can be time consuming to create, so it is best to save often to avoid the frustration of losing work while creating the worksheet.

Things You'll Need

  • Gimp 2 image editing software
  • Internet browser
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