How to Hang a Flag on a Pole

Updated April 17, 2017

Whether you are hanging a flag in front of a federal office, a school or your home, hanging a flag on a pole is typically a simple task. There are special rules if you are handling an American flag, such as not letting it touch the ground, and having it raised first and lowered last. Otherwise you can come up with your own flag and traditions.

Inspect the back edge of the flag to find the open pocket or sleeve.

Push the sleeve through the pole or rope, depending on the type of pole you have. Start with the top edge first, up to the top of the brass screws. You can put it in bottom edge first if you want it to fly upside-down, which typically signals distress.

Slip the leather or Velcro tab inside the flag's sleeve onto the top of the brass screw.

Pull the rope or pulley if necessary to raise the flag to its optimal height.

Things You'll Need

  • Flag
  • Pole
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