How to install a new electric meter

Written by louis gutierrez | 13/05/2017
How to install a new electric meter
The electrical meter fits in the outside service panel. (meter housing image by jimcox40 from

When your local utility company sends electricity into your house, before the electricity enters your house it passes by your electric meter to measure energy consumption. The utility company usually installs and replaces the electric meter, but if you removed it to do electrical repairs around the house or it has become damaged, you can install a new meter yourself. You should always contact the utility company before you remove the electric meter; if you don't, you could be fined.

Push the electric meter into the service panel. Align the teeth in the back of the meter with the clamps on the service panel.

Put the ring around the electric meter. The ring comes with the meter, and it's provided by the utility company.

Secure the meter ring with the screw and tighten the ring with your screwdriver.

Contact the utility company and tell them that you removed your electric meter. The company will most likely come to install a seal on your meter.

Things you need

  • Screwdriver

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