How to use a dremel to engrave brass

Updated April 17, 2017

Engraving is an age-old method of cutting lettering or a design into metal, including brass. Traditionally engravers used hand tools called gravers to cut the design into the engraved item. Today, Dremel makes engraving bits for rotary tools and tools dedicated solely to engraving. While Dremel engraving tools will not produce the fine detailed engraving of classically hand engraved samples, the Dremel engraving bits are great tools for marking items for identification and other purposes.

Sketch the design you want to engrave on the brass.

Determine where you want to engrave your sketch on the brass item to be engraved. Mark the item with your sketch using a permanent marker.

Insert the engraving bit into your Dremel.

Run the engraving bit of over the lines your drew on the brass.

Check the engraving. Correct as needed.

Clean the engraved surface to remove residue from the marker.


Engraving cannot be erased and is not easily removed. Work slowly and with care. Engraving is easy to do but difficult to do well. Practice before you begin engraving your design.

Things You'll Need

  • Dremel
  • Engraving bit
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