How to Make Alphabet Letters for Fusing Glass

Updated April 17, 2017

Many glass artists like to include letters in fused glass projects. There are many ways to create letters but most require some form of cutting the glass into the shape needed to create lettering. Although some companies sell preformed shapes and letters for glass fusing, making your own letters will save you money and allow you to create exactly the style of letters you want for your fused glass artwork.

Sketch the design you want for your fused glass project. Determine the size letters you want and the font you want for those letters.

Clean a piece of glass in the colour letter you plan to make.

Use a permanent marker to draw the letter on the glass. The lines will dictate where you will need to cut the glass to create the letters. Block style lettering is easiest to cut.

Use a glass cutter or ring saw to cut the glass letters in the size, shape and style you drew.

Smooth the edges of the glass with a diamond file or a glass grinder to perfect the letter.

Clean the edges of the cut glass with glass cleaner to prevent devitrification when firing the glass letters. Devitrification is unattractive and can cause the glass to look hazy and scum to form.

Things You'll Need

  • Glass cutter or ring saw
  • Diamond file or glass grinder
  • Glass cleaner
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