How to Learn the Welsh Alphabet

The Welsh alphabet contains 28 letters, two more than the English alphabet. While the language itself is closely related to other Celtic languages like Cornish and Breton, the appearance of the Welsh alphabet and use is easily recognisable by English speakers. Learning the Welsh alphabet requires practice and patience; however, English speakers may find the Welsh alphabet one of the easiest alphabets to adopt, because the languages share many alphabetical similarities.

Create or purchase a Welsh alphabet chart for personal reference. Refer to the chart to memorise the new letters introduced in the Welsh alphabet, and memorise which English alphabet letters are missing. There are not many differences, so this step should take only a few days. Practice with the chart until the Welsh alphabet can be recited naturally. Daily visualisation of the chart will assist in learning and memorising the Welsh alphabet.

Acquire Welsh literature on the Internet or through Welsh print. The Welsh alphabet has double letters where English only has single letters. For example, the English letters ch. together is a letter combination. The Welsh ch. is not a combination; rather, it is a letter on its own. Welsh language books will introduce an English-speaking student to the relationships of Welsh letters to each other and the effect they have on the written word, especially in the case of letter combinations used as a whole letter. The group "Ein Geiriau NI" provides Welsh literature for children and is a resource for finding Welsh in print.

Find a Welsh-speaking pen pal to assist alphabet visualisation and relation. Find a pen pal through the language department of a local community college, or search sites such as for native Welsh speakers seeking English speakers for language practice exchanges. A pen pal is advantageous in their his to exchange written correspondence and improve a Welsh student's knowledge base by providing an original, unique piece of work from which to study an alphabet.


Always use caution when approaching a stranger with which to correspond. Obtain a PO box from your local post office to begin any stranger correspondence, and withhold personal information such as location and salary until you get to know your pen pal on a more personal level.

Things You'll Need

  • Welsh books
  • Welsh alphabet chart
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