How to Remove the Region Lock for PS2 Games on the PS3

PlayStation 2 discs employ region code locks similar to those used in commercial DVDs to prevent games sold in one part of the world (or region) from operating in PS2 consoles sold in another. This effectively prohibits games sold in the U.K. or Asia from working on PS2 consoles sold in the U.S. With the release of the PlayStation 3, Sony disabled region locking after numerous consumer complaints. The PlayStation 3 is backward-compatible with PS2 games. Still, the PlayStation 3 cannot play PlayStation 2 game discs already encoded with region code locks. Using specially burnt copies of PS2 game discs, though, allows you to overcome region code restrictions.

Download DVD Decrypter and it to your computer (see Resources). Double-click the file to start the installation utility. Follow the prompts to install DVD Decrypter on your computer. Reboot your PC if prompted.

Insert the original PS2 game disc into the DVD burner drive of your computer.

Open DVD Decrypter. Click "Tools/Settings/General" on the menu bar. Click and enable the following options in the "General" window: "Remove IFO/RUP RC Protection," "Remove IFO/BUP RCE Protection" and "Remove IFO/BUO PUOs." Click the "OK" button.

Click "File/Mode/ISO/Read" on the menu bar. Press the "Ctrl" + "Alt" keys to highlight all of the files and folders on the PS2 game disc. Press the "F" button to start ripping the files from the PS2 game disc and save them to an ISO image on your computer.

Open your CD/DVD burning application. Click the "Burn Image," "Create Disc from Image" or "Burn Disc from ISO" option. Insert a blank DVD --R disc in to the burner drive and close the tray.

Click the "Add Image" or "Browse" button, and then navigate to the folder where you saved the ISO image made with DVD Decrypter. Highlight the ISO file and click "Add" or "Open."

Click the "Burn," "Burn Disc" or "Write" button in the CD/DVD burning application. Wait for the program burn the ISO image to the blank DVD disc.

Insert the copied PS2 disc into your PS3 console to play games from the disc. The disc is now "Region Free" and will load on any PS2 or PS3 console player.


Use a DVD-R disc when burning the decrypted ISO image file. Many PS3 console units may not recognise the disc if you use another type of DVD disc.

Things You'll Need

  • Blank DVD --R disc
  • PC with CD/DVD burner drive
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