How to Relax Tired Eyes

Tired eyes can result from eye strain, lack of sleep, allergies, infection and stress. Working on the computer or paperwork for long periods of time results in eye strain. When your eyes are tired, your entire body is affected, so productivity and work performance suffer. Avoid tired eye discomfort by finding way to relieve the symptoms. Relax tired eyes and eye muscles using natural techniques and exercises.

Take a break from the eyestraining activity. Look to a far distance instead of an object directly in front of you. Refocus your eyes on something different every 20 minutes.

Rapidly blink your eyes then close and rest them. Blinking helps relax tense eye muscles and moistens the eyes.

Avoid fatigue, which promotes eyestrain, by getting a sufficient amount of sleep each night.

Make sure you have adequate light. Low light while working on a computer or reading a book strains eyes.

Rub your hands together briskly to warm them up, then place the base of your palms over each closed eye. Keep your hands there until the heat subsides. Repeat as many times as you desire.

Apply cold compresses to your eyes. Puffy, swollen eyes will gain relief from the cold. Use chilled cucumbers, cotton balls or Chamomile tea bags. Lay down and place the cold object on your closed lids for 10 minutes to soothe.

Lay down and place warm tea bags on each closed eye and keep them there until they become cold.

Step outside into the fresh air and open eyes wide.

Massage your forehead and scalp. Close your eyes and use your fingertips to message the areas around your eyes. Massage the skin under your eyes as well as the sides and top of your forehead. Be gentle, as too much pressure can hurt. Try to do your message in a dark room.

Splash your face three to five times with cold water. Try to keep your eyes open while your are splashing the cold water so it rinses your eyeballs.

Rest in a pitch dark room for 10 to 15 minutes.

Place your finger in front of your face. Slowly bring your finger to your nose. Have your eyes follow your finger the entire time. When your finger reaches your nose take it off and look to the horizon.

Look at an object to your left with your eyes. Rotate your head to the right keeping your eyes focused on the object to the left. Repeat going the opposite direction. Look up and rotate your head down, then look down and rotate your head up.

Roll your eyes around in a clockwise circle 10 to 20 times, then counterclockwise 10 to 20 times. Make the widest circles possible with your eyes.


Proper sleep and diet help battle tired eyes. Have your eyes checked on a regular basis.


Do not leave cold items on your eyes to long as it may result in numbness or frostbite. Be sure to see an ophthalmologist if you notice any difficulty seeing or have prolonged tired eyes.

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